Rafting is a recreational outdoor activity. In this a rubber raft is used to travel with the current of a river. Rafting is an adventurous activity consisting risk, it needs teamwork and experience. Beginners should avoid difficult or extreme sections of river and should start from safe areas to avoid risks. There are safety presentations to educate rafting participants about problems that may arise.

Rafting is an unusual experience which one should not miss and rafting on river Ganges would be really an unusual experience. It may be challenging but is obviously a fun activity. It is done under the guidance of a professional with the right training and proper equipment’s so it becomes safe and a good enjoyable activity.

Rafting in India

India has cultural and geographical diversity. India is the river running destinations of the world. With countless rivers flowing through, unspoilt environment, the riverine flora and fauna and rich culture, the Indian Himalayas make up a desired destinations for rafting, it is becoming the most popular adventure activity. There are plenty of opportunities from beginners to the experts. Rivers are considered as goddess in India and are considered worthy of respect. It is important for the rafters to take care of the river environment. It is important to leave a place in better condition after arriving there.

The people who are not having prior experience and don’t know how to swim can go rafting. All it takes is 15 minutes of instructions and you can have the best experience with the waves.

Rafting Spots

River rafting has been concentrated mainly along the River Ganges.

1. Rishikesh

2. Tons River

3. Mori


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