Our Commitments

Our Commitments

The Har Ki Dun – Protection & Mountaineering team is very extremely professional with very good local trek. Har ki dun Protection & Mountaineering Association in India that has been in the field of Adventure, Trekking, Tourism, Social Work, Trek in India, for the past 29 years.

Trekkers Safety first and biggest reason to go through Har Ki Dun protection & Mountaineering Association. It feels safe. Properly trained group guide and trek leader with an oxygen cylinder and other safety equipment.

We have a huge team of more than 80 guides and trainers to serve in the mountains and they are professionally trained from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. Uttarkashi Uttarakhand (India) And Indian mountaineering foundation Delhi we have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer.

People go on trekking to rejuvenate themselves, they are frustrated from their hectic schedule so they need some time in peace and they also want some thrill and adventure to break the monotony of life. As trekking has gained popularity in India, we are serving in this sector to provide the best treks and profound experiences, everybody’s reason for trekking is different some people are passionate and want to explore, some want to spend time with families, some want a better understanding of nature and many more other reasons but our motto is to make your treks the best and memorable one.


One of the main reason people are scared to go for trekking is safety issue so they avoid to go on treks, as it is the most important aspect and we care for you so our first priority is your “Safety” we take proper care of everything and make sure you feel safe and comfortable with us. Getting to high altitudes can be a problem to some people, the risks are enormous but we have tried to minimise the risks by providing the best quality equipments which are changed on a regular basis.

If someone faces problem while ascending to high altitude for this we carry oxygen cylinders on all treks or if someone faces health problem or injuries to cure them we have a Mountaineering and Wilderness First Aid certified trek leader who is experienced and the trek is completed under his guidance. By minimising the risks and taking care of your safety we provide you the best treks and the memories which you will cherish.


If a person is planning to go and spend vacation and his time somewhere, he would be
expecting satisfaction and comfort. Team HPMA is serving this area since past 26years and knows very well about the quality of service which should be provided to the customer, we never compromise on the quality of service and our team tries to give the best.

Our staff is very cooperative and you would not face any problem regarding comfort and service. We promise to give the best quality of transportation, accommodation and food. The trek would be the best one if you travel with team HPMA.

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Protection of places is our responsibility so we have opted eco-friendly trekking. We should have a positive impact on environment, society and the economy. We conduct campaigns like cleaning the places and in these campaigns local people are involved with us. It has a positive effect on conservation of natural and cultural heritage. In our treks people enjoy and at the same time maintain the dignity of environment.

We practise certain eco-friendly methods and the people or the groups who come with us adapt these practises and also after the trek follow them. Certain methods are used like safe waste disposal and segregation. Our team builds environmental awareness among the people and the methods to conserve the resources. Trekking is done in an eco friendly and managed way so that we don’t cause harm to the environment in any way.


We plan your treks in the best way and we are personally involved in every activity. The places where you will accommodate, the food you will get and on treks we will personally be with you to take proper care of everything. We work to give you profound experiences and unforgettable memories.


We would like to introduce our company Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association in India that has been in the field of Adventure, Trekking, Tourism, Social Work, Trek in india , for the past 29 years.