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Utilization of Trek Fee

This question always strikes the mind of an individual about the costing of trek “How it gets used?” “How is it utilised?”

Today we are going to discuss the points as it plays a crucial role and you have full rights to know and ask about the details how we utilise your money for the benefit of people.

Providing best services, good quality and safety.

This is one of the things which we can confidently say, we have never compromised on the services and quality. If a person invests in something in return the services provided should be up to the mark or else it gets waste. It is our responsibility to make your investment worth. We have been working for a long time in mountains and serving there isn’t an easy job, full dedication is needed to make your trips totally worth. We have a team of certified professional trekking guides, cooks and porters who go with you on treks for your better experiences and their living. To make your trek safe, equipment and professional guide are provided and before the trek briefing is done. In adventure; the risk is a factor which an individual has to take but the thrill and adventure is the reason that people are willing to do it and this is one the reason why trekking is trending.


The amount we receive by the trekkers is not only used for the benefit of our company but for social welfare. India is a growing country and we want to contribute in its growing days. Many people are unaware of facilities, they have no other option rather than suffering.

Problems faced by people

Children are not getting proper education, people don’t get treatment which results in increased death rate because of health issues, poverty is the reason of suicides and in mountains ample of people are jobless, and earning is a big challenge as there are less sources to earn a living. Except people the places are also suffering because people lack information and they are unknowingly harming the environment.

How we are taking steps towards growth

Team “Har Ki Dun Protection and Mountaineering Association” keeping all these things in mind, took the initiative to make the life of people better and contribute for their betterment.

We believe in humanity and we are helping them by organizing camps regularly. The camps organised are-

Health camps

In these camps we invite doctors who stay at our hotel Swargarohini and people get free check-ups, body test and medicines. They don’t have to pay any amount and there are no hidden charges. This is for the people who are suffering from diseases and do not get proper treatment and check-ups in the mountain, it is our small step to reduce the health issues and provide treatment.

Sustainable environment camps

Our motive of organizing this camp is to preserve and maintain the balance of environment. People unknowingly harm it by some activities, we spread information about conserving the natural resources and environment friendly techniques of management and disposal of waste.

Educational camps

Most of the people living in the mountains are uneducated and do not promote their children to educate and lack of knowledge is dangerous. In our educational camps we tell the importance of education and motivate people to educate their children. Books are distributed amongst children and in schools. A school named Har Ki Dun is run by Har Ki Dun Protection and Mountaineering Association. Many children are getting education from there at minimal cost and the villagers who cannot afford to pay the fee they are getting education free of cost. We provide dress, books and school bags for them.


The temperature remains low and very cold at high altitude. To protect people against the chilly weather we distribute blankets, clothes and the items of basic necessities like kettles.

Providing Jobs

Trekking is a great means of livelihood for villagers as there are very few options to make a living. Our main motive is to provide jobs to the needy who live remote areas. Most of the companies recruit those who are already certified and know everything but we first certify and train them and then they are eligible to work with us, we believe in making people successful by our efforts and their growth.

We give clothes, trekking shoes, food and equipments to our team members. Everybody is equal and we care for each and every one.

We are looking out for the sectors we have missed out and promise to cover all the areas and contribute as much as we can.

Help the people who are in need! But, for Humanity not for the selfish reasons and your good deeds will pay off. 

Start helping others from today and it will make the difference.”


We would like to introduce our company Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association in India that has been in the field of Adventure, Trekking, Tourism, Social Work, Trek in india , for the past 29 years.