HPMA A Helping Hand

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HPMA A Helping Hand

Har Ki Dun Protection and Mountaineering Association is not only working in the field of adventure but is also working socially for the people who are in need. We are not doing it for attention but for Humanity and Kindness.

Our team wants to contribute to the growth of our nation and people living in remote areas who are unaware of services and facilities. The mission is to make them aware and provide facilities, basic necessities and a chance to earn a living.

Unawareness is a big problem for people in mountains, they are facing many challenges day by day so we want to be the helping hand for them and our efforts will surely pay off by the growth and good of people living there.

“Do good and it will eventually get back to you in return.”

Challenges in remote areas

1. Lack of Education

2. Health problems

3. Poverty

4. No job opportunities

5. No conservation of natural resources

6. Lack of knowledge about the environment

There are many more problems associated and we are trying to help as much as we can. Our focus is to remove the root of these problems and contribute to the growth.


Education plays a very crucial role in the lives of people, we analyzed this problem and started a school in Sankri named “Har Ki Dun”. Their children are getting an education at minimal cost and we provide books, a dress and a bag to the students.

Educational camps

In these camps we tell people about the importance of education and being literate and why they should educate their children. We provide free books to all children in Harkidun Public School. Villagers who cannot afford to educate their children can get an education from the “Harkidun Public School” school for free.

Health Camps

We organize health camps on a regular basis for all people who are suffering from diseases and they are not afforded the treatment cost. We call doctors in our health camps and then doctors check up all patients and give them medicines according to their diseases. Nobody is charged for medicines and checkups. We pay all expenses for medicines and checkups. These camps are organized on a regular basis so that people can get treatment.

Awareness Camps

People are made aware of the problems faced in their daily lives. They are told about the conservation of resources and how to prevent degradation. We tell about the opportunities for the girls and how women are excelling in every field to motivate the girl child living in remote villages.


Distribution of clothes blankets and some items of basic necessities are distributed to the villagers. In winters it gets chilly and cold at high altitude. These things are necessary for daily lives and we arrange the programs on a regular basis.

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