Family Package Trek

Our team Har Ki Dun Protection and Mountaineering Association (HPMA) is working only on customized groups. We offer packages for your family and provide you the best adventurous tours. Explore the best deals with us at satisfactory prices.

Spending time and knowing more

Trekking with family means spending time in nature with your loved ones, it makes the bond stronger. People in India prefer watching movies or going on dinner with their families and miss the most important factor of exploring the unexplored. If there are five members in a family five of them are mostly having busy schedule and do not often get time to talk and are unaware of each other’s daily lives problems and stress they are going through so if family plans a trek this becomes the best time to spend and know each other more and to become their strength.

There is one motive to complete the trek successfully and the members help and push each other to complete it and this effects in daily life as well, after the trek families get close and help each other in achieving their goals and they work together doing things in a better way.

Exploring together

Families are one of the great influences on our lives. Our personalities, our emotions, our dreams, our fears, all come from our families. Only living with them and understanding them are two totally different things, if you go on a trek and see the places which you haven’t seen, it breaks the monotony of life and changes your perception in many ways. Exploring with family is the best thing which you can do.

People out of India take their kids outdoor to explore and spend time for a better connection and to explore places for understanding of nature and healthy relationship.

Better understanding of Nature

When you go out in Nature it teaches you a lot, it teaches you things which cannot be learnt in daily lives routine. A child must know these things these teachings, the environment changes from a hustle bustle of city to calm and peaceful place, it gives tranquillity. In today’s time people are so frustrated from their busy schedules that they need some time in peace and a good time with family, frustration leads to many problems in personal life so a trek relaxes mind and gives better understanding of nature which changes the way of thinking.

The kids should go for trekking so that they can understand things in a better way and learn from nature. We work on eco-friendly concept and conduct cleanliness campaigns and projects so the people also get influenced by it and some adapt these values and practise them.


A trek gives you memories which can never be forgotten and which you’ll always cherish. To make a bunch of good memories with your family the best thing is to plan a trek. It will improve your connection or the bond, make you strong and the most important thing it will change the way you think.


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