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How to Choose a Good Trekking Company?


  • In INDIA there are more than 1000 trekking companies and it is very difficult to choose a right one among these wide options. When you plan to traverse the mountains then it is obvious to choose the right company for extraordinary experiences and memories in exchange of some cost. While making this choice you need to be extremely careful because a wrong choice can lead to bad consequences.
  • People are facing problems and these can turn very dangerous because they can risk your life, still many people are repeatedly committing these mistakes. They compare the trek cost and go with the least cost offered but neglect the safety, quality andservice due to these mistakes the image and work of other good trekking organisations are affected.
  • So, it is our responsibility to guide the trekkers about choosing the Right Company and as we are serving in the field of Adventure since 23 years, we don’t want people to be misguided and face any problems.
  • It is not necessary to choose “Har Ki Dun Protection and Mountaineering Association” you can plan your treks and tours with any other reputed company. But, by providing the guidelines our mission is to guide you and minimize the number of accidents and problems which occur due to the lack of information.

Guidelines for the right choice of a Company




The foremost thing you should do before booking a trek is, check if the company is registered under Company’s Act 1956 and has a license by government. It should have registration with one of these organisations i.e.Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF), Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI) and Ministry of Tourism.If the company is registered and has a government license then it is working legally, it is important to check the documents prior booking to know if the company is legal or not.




You should be aware of the company’s history and the year it was established to have exact idea of their experience and also ask for the proof and mountaineering qualification of the Founder. These details will help you know about the company and at what basis it’s working, it is important to be aware before planning any tour or trek.


Cost of the Trek


Check the cost of trek and you can directly communicate, ask about the inclusions and exclusions of a package cost, no hidden charges should be applied after you have registered. It is not necessary that a company offers great safety, service or quality if the cost is low or high, it depends on other factors. So check everything and then make a choice.




The most important thing in the mountain is Safety “How to be safe?” “Is your safety company’s priority?”these questions should have proper answers because small mistakes lead to serious problems. You should check what safety and quality is provided by the company and who serves and thinks better for the trekkers. It should not only be related to the trekkers, only that company is great who works for the welfare of society and environment.


Trek organizers instead of Trekking Agencies


There is a huge difference between organizers and agencies but people don’t often understand this difference and book their treks with the agencies. They play a role of middleman and transfer the bookings to organizers by charging commission on the trek fee. It is good to directly book your trek with the organised as the dates, number of people and refunds are flexible but when it comes to the agencies then it’s not possible to fix them accordingly.


Professional Staff


It is important to have professional guides who are qualified in Mountaineering courses for the safety measures. These questions should be asked before booking while communicating with the team. If a company has professional team then it’s good to trek with them because the knowledge and skills are required to minimize the risks and a professional leader can guide properly.


Sustainable Trekking


Choose the company who practices eco-friendly methods to preserve the environment and applies the principles of“Leave No Trace”.The company should think about the betterment of Nature and people in mountains, it is important to maintain the balance of our ecosystem.


Good Reputation and Reviews


The reviews help in knowing about the experiences of people who went with the company, so before you plan anything you can simply check and compare the positive and negative reviews. It is always good to go with the reputed companies because the reason they have a good reputation is the Safety which they provide and Good Quality Services.

Trek with “Har Ki Dun Protection and Mountaineering Association”


The above guidelines are to guide you correctly so that next time you don’t commit any mistake while choosing the best company. As I have told in starting that it is not necessary to choose “Har Ki Dun Protection and Mountaineering Association” but I am going to tell you how we fulfill the criteria of “Best Trekking Company”

HPMA Welcomes You



“HPMA” is licensed by the government and is registered with Indian Mountaineering Foundation and is working legally since 1995.


Experience of the Founder of “HPMA”


Founder and Director of HPMA is Mr Bhagat Singh Rawat and HPMA was started in 1995 and is working since 23 years in the line of Adventure, You can see the Mountaineering Experience of the founder here –

Mountaineering Experience

Safety and Comfort


There are many associated risks in the mountains and people are willing to take them for the passion of trekking and traversing new places. If they join us their safety becomes our priority and we take proper care of making the treks safe. We send a Mountaineering and Wilderness First Aid Certified Trek leader along with you on trek to guide the right path and to solve any issue which occurs in the trek. All trekking gears are carried of high quality because we believe in providing the best service to our clients.


Social Work


Team HPMA is working on different sectors for positive impact on environment, society and economy. Apart from trekking and expeditions we are working for people’s awareness and eco-friendly methods. Wherever we go we make sure we leave a positive effect. Nature has given us so much we cannot repay but we can take care of the things which nature has given, nature is beyond understanding only some people can decode the hidden meaning. Till now we have done many influential activities for the villagers or for the environment. People living in remote places are unaware of many things so we conducted awareness programs and campaigns to serve the society.


Professional Team


We have more than 200 people working with us in the different sectors. If we talk about Mountains the guides are Certified in wilderness and First Aid to deal with any issue which can occur in mountain. We are working professionally and believe in providing the best services to our clients.

Professional Guide of HPMA


Sustainable Trekking


Preserving environment has always been our motive because the nature has given us everything in abundance and in return we don’t want to harm it by any of our activity so we practice eco-friendly methods and motivate others to do the same. We work on the principles of “Leave No Trace” and organised awareness camps to encourage people to help us in these activities by spreading knowledge.


Trek Cost


Many people ask us to reduce the cost of our treks but they don’t understand why the prices are set in this manner and we cannot lower them but can provide some discounts.

The reason we cannot lower the cost is –


Safety For making your treks safe we have to provide the high quality equipment which increases the expenses. Some trekking equipment are- Gaiters, Crampons, ice axe, hiking pole etc. These are necessary and their quality should be up to the mark for good experiences of your trek.


Quality and Comfort –Our focus is on providing high quality to our clients, the tents in which they are going to stay during treks should be durable and strong. There arrangements are pre- planned and everything is provided according to the comfort of trekker.


Service – We are professionals and we have beenserving in this area since 23 years, with good experience we know how and what to serve in mountains. We have never compromised on the quality of service.

We have been serving since 23 years

Trek Leader – A professional Mountaineer who goes along with you on the trek as a guide and for safety measures.


Porters –They are the helping team who go along with you on the trek and they play an important role because they carry load and items which are needed at your campsites.

Porters at Campsite

Mules –At least 2-3 mules go on one trek to load the items which are not carried by the porters.


Cooking team –On every trek there is cooking team who cooks salubrious food in the mountains.


Food – We offer a variety of food in mountains which is delicious and healthy. Three times meal with tea, soup and snacks


Variety of food in Mountains

Accommodation – The cost includes accommodation which is in our Hotel “Swargarohini Palace” or in tents.


Transportation –We arrange vehicles for you


Forest Permit –We grant permission from the Forest Department and the fee is included in the package cost.


Equipment –The equipment are provided.


By adding all these cost we decide your trek fee and people asking to reduce the cost upsets us because we are doing everything to make your treks best. Do not always choose the companies which attracts you by the low prices always seek for safety quality and service.


Hope now you will not get confused to choose the best trekking company!

Medical Kit by HPMA


We would like to introduce our company Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association in India that has been in the field of Adventure, Trekking, Tourism, Social Work, Trek in india , for the past 26 years.

Head Office Dehradun

  Team HPMA Head office, Chandrabani Choila near wildlife institute, ISBT Dehradun.


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