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Har ki Dun Trek Reopen

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Prohibition of trekking

Prohibition of trekking on 21 August, 2018 by High Court, affected the lives of many because trekking is the major means of livelihood for the people living in mountains. As a result of this ban, night stay or camping at the meadows was restricted and the locals were highly disappointed as their only means of income was taken away.



High Court Restricted night stay at the alpine meadow of Har Ki Dun in 2018


From 2018 the fetching trek of “Har Ki Dun” or “The Valley of Gods” remained closed during the month of winters as per the order of High Court.


“Har Ki Dun” Trek reopens by the efforts of Villagers, Other local tour operators leaded by “Har Ki Dun Protection and Mountaineering Association” 


We are the locals of Sankri in Uttarkashi and we are totally aware of the conditions in which people are living, they are unaware of facilities and the only means of livelihood they are having is “Trekking”, our motive is to give the jobs to needy and help people as much as we can, to make them aware of everything and provide facilities.


These points were discussed by our team, local tour operators and villagers because unity is the key to get anything successful. We made an appeal to open up the “Har Ki Dun” Trek in winters. For presentation and discussion we fixed a meeting with “Principal Chief Conservator of forests (Wildlife) – “Mr. Jairaj” on 30.11.2018 in Forest Department Campus.

MLA Mr. Rajkumar ji (Left) Principal Chief Conservator of forests (Wildlife) – Mr. Jairaj (Middle) and HPMA Chairman Secretary Mr. Chain Singh Rawat (Right)

Mr. Chain Singh Rawat was the leader and presented every point in a wonderful manner which resulted in reopening of Har Ki Dun trek. Everybody is delighted by this overwhelming news and efforts to end this ban.


Efforts which were made to end the trekking ban


At that time “Mr Chain Singh Rawat” of team HPMA, being a local he thought about the welfare of villagers and scope of sustainable trekking. After analyzing everything he decided to end up this trekking ban by presenting his points in front of “Chief Minister- Mr Trivender Singh Rawat” and “Tourism Minister- Mr. Jairaj”. Our team “HPMA” never took the initiative but this ban ended because of his efforts and proper presentation of problems faced by the people.


Principal Chief Conservator of forests (Wildlife) – Mr. Jairaj

We are maintaining the sustainability of environment and we practice eco-
friendly trekking as the nature is sensitive and we should respect it. No harm should be cause to it because of human activities.

Good News for All, “Har Ki Dun” Trek reopen in winters by the efforts of villagers, other tour operators leaded by “Har Ki Dun Protection and Mountaineering Association”

Why Trekking was banned by the government?


  • The huge group size of people who were visiting these divine places, they were disturbing the peaceful environment by generation of waste and many other activities. Some tourism companies only care about the amount they are getting and forget to maintain the sustainability so the government had to take these steps to preserve nature.


  • The grasslands were degrading, many people visiting the area results in degradation, a solution to it should be less people in a group visiting the place at a time.

Important News

Important News


We would like to introduce our company Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association in India that has been in the field of Adventure, Trekking, Tourism, Social Work, Trek in india , for the past 26 years.

Head Office Dehradun

  Team HPMA Head office, Chandrabani Choila near wildlife institute, ISBT Dehradun.


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