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Founder and Director of HPMA is Mr Bhagat Singh Rawat. HPMA is India’s foremost trekking association offering unexplored treks, high altitude expeditions and social work. This company was started in 1995 when there was not much awareness about it. Trekking in India was something very different in prehistoric times but people were getting aware about it as it was accepted by the people gained adoration and got popular.


Mr Bhagat’s love for mountains and nature was immense, he was a local villager of Saur (Sankri) in Uttarkashi as he was living around strong standing peaks and alluring diverse places, he realized his dream of exploring mountains. To pursue his dream he went to Nehru Institute of Mountaineering College (NIM) and did the courses from there. After that, he explored many unexplored treks like Rupin Pass, Sarutal, Vishkopri, Changsheel etc. and did 9 high altitude expeditions, he was passionate for trekking and wanted people to join him so he started a company and named it “HAR KI DUN PROTECTION AND MOUNTAINEERING ASSOCIATION”. When there was not much awareness about trekking at that time starting a company was a very risky and a difficult task but he followed his passion and started adding people from his village and from other villages too. He started giving jobs to the jobless and this became a source of livelihood of people living in mountains. At that time very few people used phones and there was no internet so the groups who wanted to go on treks communicated through letters and in one year only three groups used to go on treks but with time trekking gained popularity and company did a tremendous job in this field and now HPMA works only on customized groups which exceeds 200+ groups per year. Some of the India’s most popular trekking companies have emerged from HPMA.


Now, HPMA is working on a very good level offering more number of treks and expeditions, it is also working on social activities, eco-friendly tourism and runs a school named “HAR KI DUN SCHOOL”. The fee is very feasible the books uniform and bags are given on a minimal price. Mr Bhagat Singh with his passion and 30 years’ experience with his team operates HPMA.


We would like to introduce our company Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association in India that has been in the field of Adventure, Trekking, Tourism, Social Work, Trek in india , for the past 28 years.