Social Work





Team HPMA is working on different sectors for positive impact on environment, society and economy. Apart from trekking and expeditions we are working for people’s awareness and eco-friendly methods. Wherever we go we make sure we leave a positive effect. Nature has given us so much we cannot repay but we can take care of the things which nature has given, nature is beyond understanding only some people can decode the hidden meaning. Till now we have done many influential activities for the villagers or for the environment. People living in remote places are unaware of many things so we conducted awareness programs and campaigns to serve the society.





Rate of illiteracy is more in India as compared to other countries, people living in remote areas are not getting education and are unaware of many things. This is a serious problem due to which people are facing difficulties. To remove this problem from some areas where we can help, team HPMA started a school 8years back named “Har ki Dun Public School” This school is from 1 st to 8 th and 180 children are getting education from here. In this school
education is free for children who cannot afford a living they are provided bags, uniforms and books, this is a step for their bright future and to decrease the rate of illiteracy. Children were not getting education and were working for a living so the school was started. We want to improve the conditions of people living there.




We have provided livelihood to many people living in hills, for some people trekking is the sole means of livelihood, we have given jobs to many villagers and people are no more jobless. One person earns 700-800 per day and accommodation, food and transportation charges are not applicable for the people working with us. We are expanding our company by adding more needy people so that they do not face problems and hardships of life. HPMA
is trying to help people in different sections of society. Many people who worked with us are now a part of different leading companies, we are glad that they emerged from our team.



Many awareness programmes have been conducted till now and many more will be organised. Villagers are told about disaster management and conserving natural resources, they are told how to deal if any natural calamity happens. Campaigns are conducted for cleanliness in which local villagers are involved with us, cleaning of trails, collecting waste from there and safe disposal of it. HPMA team goes to villages and talk to villagers about the
problems and talks about solutions. Awareness concerning health issues, environmental issues, illiteracy and disaster. Many people are suffering from problems to cure them and provide them some facilities camps are arranged, they are told about medicines. We encourage people to work and tell about the opportunities for girls so that they also get chance to excel.





HPMA is working without the help of government. Clothes are donated to the people who are in need and people who are suffering from health problems, medicines are distributed and they are told about First Aid. Meetings and Camps are arranged on proper and regular basis so we can help more and more number of people. Free books and notebooks are distributed among the children. We have been in the social work since we started our company, the amount which we get after people pay for treks, we use a part of the amount in social activities to improve conditions of people living in remote areas and to leave good impact on the environment. We are also localites of Sankri (Uttarkashi) and we know it isn’t easy to have a life in mountains, our aim is to help people as much as we can.





We would like to introduce our company Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association in India that has been in the field of Adventure, Trekking, Tourism, Social Work, Trek in india , for the past 28 years.