Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. When is the best time to go to Uttarakhand Himalayan Treks?

Answer- Best Time go for a trek – Throughout the year.

Treks according to season.

  1. Easy Treks – Throughout the year.
  2. Moderate Treks –March, April, May, June, Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec.
  3. Difficult Treks – April, May, Jun, Sep and Oct.
  4. More difficult Treks – May Jun, Sep and Oct.

Question 2. When is the best time to go for Expedition in Uttarakhand Himalayan Treks?

Answer- May Jun, Sep and Oct.

Question 3. How difficult are the Easy Treks?


  1. Easy Trek: Altitude above sea level – 3500m, depends upon the level of snow and steep level. Easy treks are good for beginners.
  2. Moderate Trek:  Altitude above sea level – 3500m to 4500m, the beginners who are fit can try these treks these treks are not much difficult.
  3. Difficult Trek: Altitude above sea level – 3500m to 4500m, People who have trekking experience should go for these treks, it requires good fitness level.
  4. More Difficult Trek: Altitude above sea level – 4500m to 5500m, this needs a good trekking experience and a good fitness level.

Question 04. How cold does it really get on the Himalayas?

Answer: Nights are cold and day temperature is pleasant during the season.


Winter temperature: (-3°C to -5° C) / (-5°C to -15°C)

Summer temperature: (5° C to 15° C)

Question 05. How long do we walk each day in the mountain?

Answer: Average walking and trekking distance is 6 to 12 km per day and it takes 5-6 hours.

Question 06. Is Diamox and more medicines are advisable for trek time?

Answer: No, but in case you are having so please consult your doctor. Our trek leaders are certified in Wilderness first-aid” and be aware of high attitude problems, we carry whole first-aid kit and necessary medicines with us. Make sure you are medically fit for a trek or take professional advice if you feel you are unable to judge yourself. This is very important to us nothing else!

Question 07. Who will lead the trek who all go along with us?

Answer: Trek is leaded by our professional Trek leader who have completed many treks and Expedition, Basic and Advance mountaineering course by (NIM) (IMF) and certified in first-aid course. Other team-mates will go along one local guide, cook, helper, porter and other staff.

Question 08. How big are the groups?

Answer- We are working on only Customized Groups. We need minimum 05 people in a group but for the customized trip group size doesn’t matter.

Question 09. How many trekkers will be in one tent?

Answer: We have three man tent but 2 people will accommodate in one tent.

Question 10. What type of food is served during the trek?

Answer: We serve three meals a day including snacks and Soup. Hot Chocolate for kids and for family we provide a variety of tasty healthy food including Indian, Chinese and Western meals with lots of vegetables and fruits. We also serve our traditional food.

Question 11. How to get safe drinking water on the mountain?

Answer: Himalayan water is considered as clean and mineral water but we use boiled water and chlorine tablet in our camps, ask trek leader or guide the place from where you will fill the water bottles.

Question 12. What is the minimum age to go on easy trek with family?

Answers: Minimum age requirement is 5 years and maximum depend on trekker’s fitness.

Question 13. How Harkidun protection and Mountaineering Association is making your trek safe in mountain?

Answer: Technical Safety in the mountain: We have a huge team of more than 100 guides and trainers to serve in the mountains and they are professionally trained from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Indian Mountaineering Foundation Delhi and Hanifle Center Outdoor Education Mussoorie, we have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer.

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