The expedition is a journey of excursion for a specific purpose sometimes under extraordinary and difficult conditions, it is a part of mountaineering. The high altitude peaks which are climbed with the help of equipment. Expeditions are thrilling and the thrill has become important now, people are attracted to mountains and apart from MBA, Engineering they want to explore and need adventure and fun in life. Mountaineering expedition to the most elusive mountains are exhilarating, people are ready to quit their jobs and roam in the mountains because nature helps you to discover yourself.

Expeditions need a fit body and a calm mind to face the climatic challenges of mountains. To climb high altitude peaks a person should be both physically and mentally fit, there are tough and easy terrains and this could be the best adventure fun to explore. Exploring the unknown side of the mountains. Expeditions are best for mountain lovers and who are fit and willing to climb them.

Kedar Dome Expedition

Our Expeditions

1. Black Peak Expedition (6387m)

2. Bandar pooch Expedition (6316m)

3. Mt. Satopanth Expedition (7075m)

4. Kedar Dome Expedition (6381m)

5. Kanamo Peak Expedition (6000m)

6. Kalindi Pass Expedition(5950m)

7. Khimloga Pass Expedition(5712)

We have leaders who are professional climbers and have reached the summits of the mountains and they have the experience to make the expedition successful. The equipment is used to climb the mountains which are of high quality.

Bandarpunch Expedition

Expeditions consists of many risks, as they are at high altitude breathing problems may arise but the people who want to explore the unexplored side of mountains should give it a try, we take care of your safety and provide you the best equipment’s and a professional mountaineer for a safe climb as thrill has become important in lives and adventure has taken place so it’s time to leave the fear behind and go for what heart says.

Expeditions make you overcome your fears, appreciate the beauty and challenge your limits. There is versatility in the Himalayan region and it plays a major role. This would be best if you need some thrill.


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