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Trekking is a long vigorous walk on trails for more than a day, it is a recreational activity done for exploring and enjoying the scenic beauty. People go for trekking to rejuvenate themselves. In ordinary daily life there is hustle bustle and hectic schedule due to which a person lacks excitement and fun, to find the adventure and tranquillity at the same time people choose to go for trekking.

Trekking in the mountains can be very soothing; a break from your daily routine exploring new places, exploring the unexplored this can never be boring. When you go for trekking you’ll be amazed by the diversity of nature and by the different cultural values of different places. On mountains you see the peaceful life of people and serene environment and when you come there from a very busy schedule it gives peace to mind and makes you feel relaxed.

Trekking in the mountains isn’t very easy but they are worth, the exotic views, flowing streams, tall standing peaks and the greenery are worth. There is one saying “The best view comes after the hardest climb.” Everybody is struggling with one or the other thing so it’s very important to take a break and spend some time with nature.

Trekking in Uttarakhand has plenty of opportunities, here is abundance of natural beauty, the Garhwal-Himalayas are perfect for trekking here are many thrilling, easy to difficult treks so this region is highly preferred for trekking. These places are rich in natural diversity, different scenery on every turn. You can enjoy other activities too like Skiing, Monkey Crawling, Repelling, Rock Climbing, Camping, sleeping under the stars and endless sky can be reviving and it breaks the monotony of life. If we spend time in nature in this way we can become attuned to its wisdom. On a trek bird watching can be fun, there
are several species of birds, the nature is beautiful and the creatures too.

Trekking can never be boring you can do other activities too, explore inherent
beauty of places it changes you as a person.


We would like to introduce our company Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association in India that has been in the field of Adventure, Trekking, Tourism, Social Work, Trek in india , for the past 26 years.

Head Office Dehradun

  Team HPMA Head office, Chandrabani Choila near wildlife institute, ISBT Dehradun.


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