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About Harki Dun


HPMA is a network of local young and old, men and women, who covertly and overtly, work together and aspire to extend their hospitality to tourists while taking care of the environment. Besides promoting sustainable eco tourism, HPMA's prime objective is to provide employment opportunities to the local youth.

The team for last six year has been dedicated to achieve the following objectives:
1. To promote sustainable eco-friendly aesthetic tourism and adventurous activities in the Himalayas, particularly in Uttarkashi, Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Parks.
2. To facilitate adequate services for tourists, trekkers and mountaineers viz. reliable porters guides, instructors, equipments and management services.
3. To provide emergency voluntary services to individual tourist or group through search and rescue operations, help to overcome adverse climatic conditions.
4. To explore new trekking routes and tourists places and popularise them.
5. To manage tourist and trekking activities free from environmental pollution.
6. To organise awareness camps on issues related to education, health, environment, human rights and social justice.
7. To facilitate strengthening and protection of local culture through organising songs and dance competitions, melas (fete) showcasing woodcraft, local food preparations, costumes & so on.

Work Area


District Uttarkashi is particularly famous for having two pilgrimage centres, Gangotri and Yamnotri, the sources of Ganga and Yamuna rivers respectively. There is yet another valley located in the North West part of the district, known as Tons Valley which is famous for beautiful natural landscape and unique culture.

Situated in uppermost catchment area of the river Tons, Govind Wildlife Sanctuary is particularly catching tremendous attention amongst trekkers and mountaineer from all over the world. Established in 1955, the sanctuary spread over 953 sq. km covering the whole catchment of Rupin and Supin, tributaries of tons river. Besides, having colourful flora and fauna, the area is particularly famous for its lush green alpine valley the Harkidun valley, a popular destination for nature lover and trekkers.

The faunal species of the sanctuary include snow leopard, black and brown bear, musk deer, thar wild goat, blue sheep, serow, monal, tragopan , koklas and kallej pheasants. Trekking towards Harkidun, right from Naitwar one can observe a gradual succession of sub tropical , sub temperate, temperate and alpine forest flora viz pine (Chir), oak, blue pine, deodar, fir, spruce and finally birch forest and alpine flora at Harkidun. Thus this area is very important for educational trekking tours too.

The Govind Wildlife Sanctuary is endowed with well known mountain ranges - Bandarpoonch, Black peak and Swargarohini peaks. It has glaciers, mountain meadows and glacial lakes viz. Ruinsara tal, Bharasar Kanatal, Kedarkantha, Devkyara Manji van, Changshil etc. A free trekking trouts also leads to Baspa valley (H.P) and Yamunotri and Harsil (Uttarkashi) via Changsil Kimloga and Barsu Passes. The area is culturally very rich known for traditional wood houses, temple architecture, and sites linked to Mahabharata legend. The people of the area lead a simple life living in harmony with nature.

How To Reach Harki Dun


Sankari is a small village town, situated at elevation 2000 mt from where all treks originates. It is well connected by roads with Uttarkashi, Mussoorie and Dehradun at a distance 170, 180, 190 kms. respectively. Regular bus service is available from Uttarkashi and Dehradun upto Sankari, the last road head.

Jollygrant is the nearest airport and Dehradun is the nearest railway station.

Social Works


H.P.M.A Social work is a helping profession; the main goal of social work is to improve a society's overall well-being, especially for the most vulnerable populations.

You may be wondering, "Why social work instead of other helping professions?" Social work's distinguishing characteristics are its emphasis on the person-in-environment model and its emphasis on social justice. In other words, social workers not only consider individuals' internal struggles, as other counselors might, they also work with people to examine their relationships, family history, work environment, community environment, and the structures and policies that impact themin order to identify ways to help address a problem or challenge. Social workers, Campany . H.P.M.A Sankri Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand ,also do not limit their work to individuals; they work with individuals, couples, families, groups, neighborhoods, communities, and organizations.

Our Team
Bhagat Singh Rawat (Director H.P.M.A, Sankri)

Education Qualification : - Post Graduates Arts, (PGDDM)

Chain Singh Rawat Secretary H.P.M.A, Sankri

Education Qualification : - Post Graduates Arts, (PGDDM)

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Kuldeep Singh Rawat(Trek Leader H.P.M.A)

Education Qualification : - ( Graduates Science,)

Vijay Thapa (Member of H.P.M.A Sankri)

Education Qualification : - ( 10th,)